Your Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving and Sealcoating

Anybody who has owned a Winter Haven parking lot paving for a while will be more than happy to let you know about the importance of keeping your pavement properly maintained. As paving contractors, we will be more than happy to echo the same sentiment.

Proper maintenance is crucial to making sure that your pavement retains its condition and lasts as long as it’s supposed to. One of the most commonly recommended forms of maintenance when it comes to your Winter Haven parking lot paving is seal coating. To help you understand why this is so highly recommended, here are some things to know about seal coating.

Why choose seal coating?

Of course, first things first, why should you choose seal coating as a maintenance method for your parking lot paving? After all, it seems like a huge deal having to devote enough time for the sealant to cure before you get any kind of benefit out of it. The thing about seal coating that you should know is that you only need to apply it on a regular basis, and you get the full benefit of it.

Seal coating is a layer of sealant that is applied on the surface of your pavement. This accomplishes a number of things for your pavement. One, it refreshes the look of your pavement, which helps restore it to its original black state. In addition to the visual appeal of it, seal coating provides an additional layer of protection for your paving that is essential to retaining its condition and extending its lifespan.

The layer of sealant can do a number of things for your pavement, including protecting it from the UV rays of the sun, waterproofing it so that water doesn’t end up in the foundation of your pavement, as well provide additional protection against oil and gasoline spills, which have been observed to break down your paving, threatening its condition. You can get a wide range of benefits from the simple act of having your pavement seal coated on a regular basis.

How often should I do seal coating?

Now that you know how beneficial seal coating can be for your Winter Haven parking lot paving, you might be raring to go and have it done for your own pavement. However, be aware of how often you should be having this done for your paving. As much as possible, you should be seal coating your pavement every year or so, depending on how much traffic your pavement sees. The faster the sealant fades, the more often you should have it done.

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