Your Plant City Parking Lot Paving and Its Preventative Maintenance

When the Plant City parking lot paving project has been completed, you are now faced with the task of preventing its deterioration. Once the pavement has been installed and people start using it, the process of its deterioration and degradation will start.

To prevent this, you must invest and put in place a routine preventive maintenance that would regularly check the pavement for any inconsistencies—from potholes to cracks to alligator lines to cleaning it for fallen leaves and debris.

But the thing about preventive maintenance is that it has to be continuing. Meaning, the quality of the pavement and its subsequent depreciation will depend on the regularity of the maintenance checkup.

You can protect your pavement investment by also investing to a regular routine of preventive maintenance that will include pothole repair, crack filling and repair, sealcoating, and general cleaning services.

Pothole repair

The most important layer for an asphalt pavement is the base layer. That serves as the foundation of your pavement. The soil beneath the surface layer must be compacted and it must be sturdy to lighten the impact of cars driving on the pavement.

But when a pothole appears on your surface layer, it would be an open hole where water and other debris can get into the base layer, the foundation of your asphalt pavement. Water and other debris will weaken the compaction of the soil beneath the pavement and the surface layer could collapse.

Crack filling and repair

Small cracks will appear on your pavement—whether because the load is too heavy or there are plants and roots affecting the edges of the pavement. These cracks would not pose any serious problems unless they are treated.

Preventive maintenance includes filling these cracks with another round of asphalt mix so that the surface layer will remain sturdy and water could not get into these cracks.

Plant City parking lot paving sealcoating

Sealcoating is the process of applying a sealant to the surface layer of the Plant City parking lot paving to protect it from the harsh UV rays, water, and surface pollutants. Sealcoating is done every two years because too much sealant would also affect the quality of the asphalt.

Sweeping and general cleaning services

There should be a general cleaning of your Plant City parking lot paving every day. This would also include the inspection for cracks and potholes that could pose a bigger problem when left undiagnosed. Sweeping and cleaning the pavement will allow you to remove potentially damaging debris.

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