Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving: Why Insurance Matters

No one wants to deal with an accident but unfortunately, things happen that are out of your control at times. If you own a business, you should already know by now that an insurance coverage is an investment you shouldn’t miss. All businesses need an insurance policy but for this article, let’s take a look at why this is particularly important for Winter Haven parking lot paving.

Legal Fees

Have you noticed that almost all parking lots have this sign: “Do not leave your valuables inside your vehicles”? The reason behind this is some criminals smashed the windows of the cars in hopes of getting their hands on some valuables—whether cash, laptops, jewelry, credit cards, or phones.

Technically, the establishment isn’t responsible for the loss of valuables inside a parked car. But even if you put these signs around your parking lot, there are still some individuals who would dare to file a case against your business when they lose their valuables.

This would push you to hire a lawyer to take care of the legal impediments of your case. An insurance policy would be useful to cover these expenses since lawyers are very expensive.


Potholes and cracks can cause accidents to vehicles and people passing on your parking lot. An individual can sue you for negligence. Aside from the legal fees, you would need to shoulder the medical expenses incurred because of the accident.

This is where insurance coverage will work for you. As much as you want to prevent these accidents from happening, that alone is not an assurance, so you need an insurance policy to cover these.


Repairs can go from being cheap to super expensive. Either way, this isn’t something that business owners are looking forward to. Whenever a Winter Haven parking lot paving needs repairs, businesses will look into their warranty cards and insurance policies for “salvation.”

No one wants to spend on pavements, especially if the business hasn’t earned enough. Thankfully, your insurance policies can cover the expenses incurred during repairs and replacements.


A legitimate and reputable Winter Haven parking lot paving should be able to provide a warranty of at least one year for the services they rendered. This means that if cracks and potholes appear on the pavement within the year, they would repair these for free.

Your insurance coverage can also be responsible for this maintenance work. Also, if the company does not want to honor the contract, you can run after them and the insurance policy will cover the legal fees.

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