Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving: Solutions to Company Parking Woes

Many employees still take their cars to work, regardless of how efficient public transit is or their knowledge of what driving individual cars does to the environment. As an employer or HR manager, for example, it is your duty to ensure that your employees get to your office on time. Your office should also provide Winter Haven parking lot paving for its workers. Otherwise, you risk losing talents to other companies. And when you need to hire people once more, you spend at least 20% of the salary of the employee you lost. That eventually takes its toll on your resources.

You have two options: one is to promote carpooling and car-sharing, and the other is to provide ample parking space for your employees. Carpooling is not a new concept. It is, in fact, a bygone tradition in many communities where the kids go to the same school. Parents would make a schedule of who should take the kids to the school on a particular day or week. This allows the parents to work, run some errands, or take care of themselves better. At the same time, they are saving on fuel costs.

You can offer to incentivize employees who do carpool. Those who do are helping sustain the environment. However, many employees face major roadblocks when carpooling. Whose car will be used? Who will pay for what? Should the driver and car owner pay for anything at all? What time should everyone leave? What happens if someone is late? Will the rest of the group wait for their colleague?

Another option is to pay for their parking slots. There are two ways to do this. The first one is to pre-assign the spaces and the second one is to have a first-come, first-serve policy. The second option looks to be the more promising of the two. Why? What happens if the employees pre-assigned the spaces to are absent or in a conference? Those who need that space will feel uncared for by the company. Besides, lower-rank employees need the benefit more. Your company’s managers and CEOs have money to spend on parking fees. Those in the lower level do not.

In many companies, the lack of a Winter Haven parking lot paving space is a major contention. Potential candidates may not work for you because you cannot provide support for their commute. Investing in parking lots might cause you around $4,300 a year but if it keeps your talented workers with you, that money is well-used.

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