How Your Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving Reacts to Changes in Temperature

While the asphalt used for your Winter Haven parking lot paving is certainly durable, it undergoes plenty of processes in order for it to achieve that durability. In order to get that level of strength and durability that we’ve come to expect from good quality paving, your pavement is subjected to very sensitive procedures.

If these processes are messed up in any way, it may potentially affect the final result and durability of the paving. One of the things that can drastically affect the way your pavement turns out is temperature.

Temperature can help guarantee the durability of your pavement. If your asphalt mix is too cold upon installation, it can cool too quickly, resulting in a pavement that cannot be compacted properly, and is more susceptible to damage in the future.

Precise temperatures are the reason why it is highly recommended that you install your asphalt pavement in the summer. Asphalt mix needs to be hot or warm in order to get it to compact properly later on. However, the sensitivity to temperatures don’t end there.

Even after your pavement has been properly installed, it is still subjected to the whims of temperature, and can actually be damaged because of it. In order to help you prevent that from happening, here is how your asphalt paving is affected by the changes in temperature.

Hot weather

Heat can cause quite a bit of damage to your Winter Haven parking lot paving if it is left exposed to the sun for too long. This is because the sun’s UV rays can affect the way the asphalt binder keeps the aggregate together.

The sun breaks down this binder, causing the individual aggregate bits to come loose from each other. In addition to this, it can cause the asphalt to form cracks, resulting in even more extensive damage to your pavement.

Cold weather

Cold weather is bad for your asphalt pavement especially if there are signs of cracking on your asphalt surface. If water has gotten into this, the freeze and thaw cycles of the weather can cause the cracks on your asphalt to get bigger.

This is because if there is water inside your pavement and it freezes, it can cause the surrounding area around the water to expand, widening the area a little bit. When it gets warm again, it melts and contracts, causing another shift in the asphalt. If it undergoes enough cycles, it may result in serious and expensive damage, like potholes.

Rainy weather

In addition to having water get into your Winter Haven parking lot paving and causing problems with your asphalt, having standing water on your asphalt constantly can cause erosion of the asphalt binder, resulting in broken paving.

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