Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving: How to Avoid a Dishonest Contractor

Part of owning a property is having to maintain its different components. A Winter Haven parking lot paving or driveway is an important component of any residential or commercial property. Once in a while, you have things to repair on the asphalt pavement that you would need a contractor for.

Unfortunately, you’ll find many dishonest contractors who would propose to build your driveway or parking lot for half the price than the other contractors but would charge for more as the project progresses. For example, the initial assessment of most contractors is that repairing your parking lot will cost $5,000. One contractor would charge for $3,000. Naturally, you would want to save on cost and sign a contract with the $3,000, right?

As the project progresses along, this contractor would tell you that there’s a part of the sub-base underneath that has fissured and needs compacting. This is apparently not part of the initial $3,000 quote they assessed. How much will it cost them to repair the fissure? Oh, around $2,500. So, that $3,000 just ballooned to $5,500 when the other contractor was only charging you $5,000 for everything. See what this dishonest contractor did there?

The key to avoiding falling into this trap is to avoid a dishonest contractor. You need to be wary about the quotes and estimates you receive from different contractors. Look into their backgrounds and find a reason why others are charging more while others are looking to hook you into choosing them.

Their experience should speak well for them. You’ll find that more experienced contractors usually charge more upfront but they get glowing reviews from their clients. And then there are the “affordable” contractors who would offer to do your project for the cheap but with a few concessions left behind. In the end, you’ll be paying more for the second contractor because the materials and the skills are substandard. You’ll be running on to more problems than what you have before.

Ask recommendations from your friends in the neighborhood. They should have already contacts in the industry. If not, check with your local government offices. They should have a pretty good idea of who to call in case of pavement repair needs. Collect as much information as you can before deciding to sign any contract with a Winter Haven parking lot paving contractor. There are a few things you shouldn’t scrimp on when it comes to your property. The parking lot or driveway is one of these things.

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