Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving: Cracks Cause By Poor Construction

One of the most common causes of damage that you’re going to run into with your Winter Haven parking lot paving. After all, your parking lot will see a lot of traffic and other factors that can easily cause damage to your pavement.

However, keep in mind that there are certain types of cracking that is not caused by the day-by-day wear and tear that you would expect with your parking lot. If you see these signs of damage to your parking lot, then these may be indicative of more serious issues. Read on to learn more about some types of cracks on your Winter Haven parking lot paving that are caused by poor construction.

Alligator cracking

This type of cracking is very easy to identify because of how similar it looks to alligator skin. If you see this kind of cracking on the surface of your parking lot, then you should know that this is a sign of structural failure that originates from the construction stage. It could be indicative of a base layer that was poorly constructed or a bad drainage system. Keep in mind that damage of this caliber cannot be handled by a simple crack repair job; you will need to repair the entire pavement to handle it.

Block cracking

Block cracking is identified by the formation of cracks that resemble large, interconnected rectangles. This type of damage occurs when shrinkage of the pavement happens. The shrinkage is caused by the expanding and contract action that usually happens due to temperature changes. When there are changes in temperature, your asphalt pavement is usually decently equipped to handle it. However, if the binder is not properly mixed, or if it is too dry, then it will not be able to move with the pavement.

Edge cracking

If you see cracks forming along the edge of your Winter Haven parking lot paving, then keep in mind that this could be a sign of poor support along the edges or a poor drainage system.

Any of these signs of cracking are indicative of a deeper issue with your asphalt parking lot. If you see these on your pavement, then this can mean that your asphalt pavement contractor did not do their job right. To avoid these issues, you should make sure to work only with reputable pavement contractors like General Asphalt Paving. Working with contractors whose experience and reputation can be verified not only avoids installation issues with your pavement but also guarantees long-term support for your parking lot pavement.

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