Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving: Contractor On Retainer?

When you own a business that caters to a lot of customers or clients, you will invest in a Winter Haven parking lot paving because safe parking space is what your customers demand from you. The parking lot is also one of the first things that clients notice about your business. That’s why it is imperative that the parking lot is well-paved, secured, well-lit, and has a great design and layout.

But what happens when it suddenly needs fixing? Whether your parking lot is indoors or outdoors, you can’t help but worry about the quality and integrity of its surface and base layers.

When cracks and potholes suddenly appear on the surface, you will worry that there’s a bigger problem that lies underneath the surface. That’s when it becomes a problem. And that’s when you need to contact someone to fix and repair the pavement.

The question in a business owner’s mind, though, is should you put a pavement contractor on retainer? Since these contractors always seem to be busy when they are needed the most, should you put one to be at your beck and call?

A pavement contractor isn’t like a lawyer. If they paved a parking lot, they are legally bound to provide maintenance checkups and repairs for the next few months after the project has been completed. It’s not a one-and-go project. They are obligated to check on your pavement months after it has been turned over to you.

Before thinking about putting a contractor on retainer, you should try to check on your contract first. What does it say? Who do you call for emergency repairs? Is the contractor still liable for the repairs needed on your pavement?

This will save you time and money. If the maintenance problem appears within a year after the pavement project has been completed, the contractor must still be liable for it. The quality of an asphalt pavement should make it last at least two years problem-free.

Although there will be issues on the pavement, this should not appear until the third year or so. And even then, the problems should be minimal.

If there are major problems within two years from the date the pavement was first constructed, talk to your contractor about the quality of the materials he used for your parking lot.

Putting a Winter Haven parking lot paving contractor on retainer is only done by big companies (and it works for them, too) but if you’re a small business owner, it is better to just have an iron-clad contract that protects your rights and your money.

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