Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving Construction Safety Myths

In the Winter Haven parking lot paving industry, you can always tell the good paving companies from the bad ones. Not only can this be determined from the quality of work that they provide, but from the way they treat their employees as well. Good asphalt paving companies know how to balance good quality work with employee safety.

On the other hand, bad companies only want fast results, even if it comes at a price: their employees’ safety. These are the kinds of companies that feed their clients and employees all kinds of excuses to normalize the harsh working conditions that the workers are put under.

It’s very important to identify these myths and debunk them, as nobody deserves to work in an environment where they don’t feel safe from their own work. Here are some of the most common Winter Haven parking lot paving construction myths that you might encounter, and what the truth is about each one.

Accidents are par for the course of the job

This is a really common one that you’ll hear about. Some people say that there’s a reason why they’re called accidents,and that they’ll happen a lot, and should be expected as a part of the job.

However, while it is true that everybody will make mistakes, it does not justify the normalization of work-related accidents on the construction site. To be honest, all work related accidents can be safely prevented as long as the proper safety measures are in place.

Safety training is only needed at the beginning of the job

At the beginning of any construction job, site workers are required to undergo safety training in order to educate and orient them about the safety practices that are being used at the job site. However, some people assume that only the newly hired employees are required to undergo this.

It would be much better if safety training were to be conducted on a regular basis for all current employees in order to keep them up-to-date about the current safety measures in place.

You only need PPE to guarantee workers’ safety

While Personal Protective Equipment is a good safety measure to have in place, it shouldn’t be the only safety measure that you should rely on.

While it is good practice to enforce the wearing of PPE in the Winter Haven parking lot paving construction site, this should only be used as the last line of defense against accidents, when they actually happen.

It would make more sense to put in the proper safety measures in place that will prevent these accidents from happening rather than relying on the PPE to minimize the damage caused.

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