Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving Can Help the Environment, Too

Asphalt is the most environment-friendly and sustainable pavement material you can use for Winter Haven parking lot paving. A lot of those who need their parking lots and driveways paved choose asphalt because it is cheaper and safer for the environment.

It actually helps you become more concerned about the impact of your activities on the depletion of the earth’s natural resources. Because asphalt can be recycled 100%, you are not contributing to unsustainable practices that adversely impact the environment.

Energy Conservation and Recycling

A study published in 2005 said that the production of asphalt requires 20% less energy than the production of other types of pavements. But it’s not only during the production process that asphalt has minimal impact on the environment.

Even during the construction phase of the pavement, asphalt requires less energy since it can be repaired and reopened immediately. There is no disruption of traffic and workflow for the people and vehicles using that road or parking lot.

The ability of asphalt pavements to be repaired and reopened to traffic mere hours after it was laid on the surface also helps protect the environment from the unnecessary consumption of fuel and production of emissions.

When there’s traffic on the road because of repairs and replacements, vehicles will produce more emissions. But because asphalt doesn’t need days or weeks to dry, the pavement can accommodate traffic as soon as the surface layer dries.

When it comes to reclaiming used asphalt, it’s even better for the environment. The industry reclaims about 100 million tons of asphalt every year. They reuse or recycled about 95 million tons, making the asphalt industry America’s number one recycler. And it’s not only asphalt itself that gets recycled. Some other materials can get recycled with it, including user tires, glass, and asphalt roofing shingles.


Asphalt is a perpetual pavement. It can last forever as long as it is properly maintained. The road itself doesn’t wear out with proper maintenance. And it’s fairly simple to maintain the road, too. If you need to repair or replace the asphalt, only the top layer needs to be moved. This can be done quickly. Sometimes, repair work on an asphalt pavement takes only a day to do.

Then, that same material removed from the present driveway or Winter Haven parking lot paving can be reclaimed. It can be recycled into the new asphalt layer. With the right aggregate and binder, these chunks of recycled asphalt can look new once more.

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