Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving and the Drainage Issue

If there is one key element to making a stable Winter Haven parking lot paving, it is the drainage system. Driveway drainage is a serious concern in many pavement projects, but contractors said that the issue can be mitigated by sloping the asphalt pavement one way or the other. This will prevent a built-in bird-bath depression that can eventually cause the pavement to collapse.

In warmer climates, the bird bath is merely a nuisance. It’s annoying for people to suddenly step on a puddle of mud or water on the parking lot or driveway. The problem is when it’s in the northern states. The weather is colder and the bird-bath turns into a litigious situation when someone slips and falls on the ice. As someone who owns a driveway or parking lot, you are responsible for these accidents.

The Problem With Drainage

The problem with most drainage systems vis-à-vis a Winter Haven parking lot paving is the improper surface course installation. If the pavement was not properly installed by failure to evaluate the conditions of the subgrade, this could lead to a whole lot of problems. The top layer of the surface can collapse when the subgrade starts to collapse, too. The failure of contractors to make sure the layers are well compacted can result in an unstable top layer.

Another problem that has to be dealt with is the aggressive use of a sprinkling system. If you constantly use the sprinkling system to clean the parking lot and driveway, you could be damaging the layers of asphalt and soil below. Too much water use on the surface can weaken the structure below when that same water seeps into the pavement.

For contractors, the solution for this is to use a drainable subbase. They use four inches of two-inch rock as the sub base then another two inches of Dense Graded Aggregate. On top of that, they will apply two inches of intermediate-sized binder mix and 1.5 inches of surface course. Finally, the parking lot or driveway should be sloped to allow the water to flow into the side drainage. For smaller parking lots and residential driveways, contractors make sure that there is a 2% slope for proper drainage.

The proper checklist is to ensure that the Winter Haven parking lot paving has a proper asphalt pavement slope, catch basins, and spacing between these catch basins. The owners or property managers of these parking lots and driveways should also prevent the excessive use of sprinkling systems, as well as prevent water from pooling on the surface of the pavement.

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