Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving 101: Water Damage

Interestingly enough, water, which is one of the most common elements found on earth, can cause some of the most severe damage seen in a Winter Haven parking lot paving. From severe cracking, to potholes, the effect of water on asphalt is one that asphalt paving owners would prefer to avoid.

When water stays too long on the surface of your paving, it will slowly begin deteriorating the surface of your paving. Moisture in itself can slowly begin to weaken the surface of your paving. If it becomes full blown standing water, then it can get into the internal structure of your paving, and eventually cause damage to the foundation of your paving.

This is just a few of the potential damages that parking lot paving owners may face if they don’t look out for water damage on their paving. In order to stop this from happening, read on to learn more.

What causes water damage?

From the name itself, it’s pretty easy to determine that the main cause of water damage in asphalt paving is, well, water. But what is it about water that causes water damage to something as sturdy as asphalt? Water damage occurs when water meets the cracks on your asphalt surface.

If standing water is left on the surface of your paving for too long, it seeps in, and settles in the foundation of your paving. During the seasons, it undergoes a cycle of expansion and contraction which eventually widens and weakens the area surrounding it.

When enough external force is applied, the section can collapse in, resulting is what we know as potholes. There are plenty of other types of damages caused by water in addition to potholes.

What does water damage in asphalt look like?

It’s important to recognize the signs of water damage in your asphalt paving in order to help prevent this from happening to your parking lot. Cracking is one of the most common ones, and while it can be caused by other factors, this is one of the biggest reasons why water gets into your asphalt.

Rutting may also occur, which characterized by depressions on the surface of your Winter Haven parking lot paving along the wheel paths of cars. Because the foundation has been weakened, the surface is much more susceptible to damage like this.

How do you prevent asphalt water damage?

The best way to prevent asphalt water damage in your Winter Haven parking lot paving is through consistent maintenance. Keep an eye out on any cracks that may show up on your paving, and fill and seal these in as soon as possible. Make sure that your catch basin is regularly cleaned and maintained as well.

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