Why Professionalism Matters in Sealing Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving

One of the most important maintenance work the Winter Haven parking lot paving needs is the sealing. This process involves applying a sealant on the top layer of the pavement to protect the pavement from water, sunlight, fuel spills, and other harmful elements. It the pavement isn’t properly sealed, it’s easy to just crack and break. In short, sealcoating the asphalt pavement will help it last longer. Not to mention, the pavement will also look a lot better.

When Is the Right Time to Seal

When it comes to applying the sealcoating, timing is of the essence. You cannot seal the asphalt after it has been laid. That is too soon. Sealing it too early can be harmful than helpful, though sealing it too late is a lot worse. When you don’t seal the asphalt at the right time, water and other elements can get trapped in the layers of the pavement below when you finally do.

The best time to seal it is after a year but not in the first three months since the pavement is built. This is enough time for the asphalt to dry and set. After the first year, make sure to apply a sealcoat every two years. That will make the asphalt pavement look fresh and new every time.

Find a Professional

When you need to seal the pavement, make sure to hire only professionals. A lot of fly-by-night asphalt paving companies are out to get you. The worst thing that can happen to your pavement project is to receive substandard service. Sealcoating the pavement requires intense labor. It also uses sophisticated machinery and expert knowledge.

If someone who is not trained tries to perform this task, there is no guarantee that the work will be up to standard. Those who hired an unprofessional and unlicensed contractor will see that the job isn’t properly done. Look up the names of the pavement contractors in your area. Try to list down the names of the projects they were involved with in the past. If you have the time, look them up and see for yourself if any of these pavements are still holding up.

In every project you spend on, make sure that you hire only the best in the industry. This principle applies to everything, including the Winter Haven parking lot paving. If you want your money’s worth, only work with professional paving contractors.

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