Why Does My Plant City Parking Lot Paving Break Down Too Early?

It is well-known that having a Plant City parking lot paving installed in your business is an investment. A good asphalt parking lot is designed to be durable while increasing your property value due to its aesthetic appeal.

Good pavement is designed to last as long as 25 years, especially with regular maintenance and repair work done on it. This is why, if your paving looks like it’s breaking down as early as two to five years after installation, this is a cause for concern for a paving owner.

After all, what good is investing in your business with a good parking lot pavement if it’s going to break down so early? The truth is, it isn’t normal for your pavement to break down that early. You may see small signs of damage, like cracks and fading, but that’s to be expected because of regular use.

If it’s breaking down, this might allude to a more serious issue. Here are some reasons that may explain why your Plant City parking lot paving is breaking down too early.

The foundation and installation was not designed to meet the current traffic load

When you approach a parking lot paving company to design and install your paving, one of the first things that the company will ask from you is the expected size of the area and estimated traffic load that your paving will carry.

It’s very important to give an accurate estimate of this, especially if your traffic load is consistent every day. This is because your pavement is customized according to the amount of traffic that your paving sees every day.

If your paving is too thin because you underestimated the expected amount of traffic, then you will see signs of extensive damage early on. It’s important to give an accurate estimate for your paving work.

Lack of maintenance and repair

Your paving will definitely see some signs of wear and tear over the years, and as the paving owner, it’s your job to attend to these.

If you leave these issues as is, you will find that your paving will break down far sooner than it was designed to. This is why it’s important to implement a regular maintenance plan when you have a Plant City parking lot paving installed.

Installation issues

If you see signs of extensive damage far too early or damage that can’t seem to go away no matter how much you treat it, then your Plant City parking lot paving might not have been installed properly.

These improper installations can range from improper compaction to not heating the asphalt properly before installation. No matter the cause, the best way to avoid this is by working with a reputable paving company like General Asphalt Paving to handle all of your paving installation needs.

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