Why Asphalt is the Top Choice for Your Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving

Believe it or not, but majority of the major streets, highways, and roads all over the world are made of asphalt. And why shouldn’t they? Asphalt is the most durable, cheapest, and flexible road-construction material in the planet. It is literally so advantageous to the users that no one ever wants to use another Winter Haven parking lot paving material after experiencing asphalt.

Strong and Durable

One thing is for sure when you use asphalt for your pavement: it will last for a long time. Asphalt is notoriously strong. It can withstand the weight of heavy vehicles.


Asphalt is more affordable than cement. Because of its natural composition and the fact that it can be 100% recycled, asphalt is a lot cheaper compared to other construction materials. It is the material of choice for many homeowners and businessowners who want to cut their expenses.

Faster and Easier to Install

There is no material easier to install than asphalt. It doesn’t take more than one hour for an asphalt pavement to be installed. It also reduces the hassle of the construction project to the clients. There is no need for a commercial building, for example, to close its whole parking lot. They can do it by parts and areas. It’s actually a practical way to install the asphalt pavement, so that it doesn’t annoy the customers, too.

Minimal Care and Maintenance

Asphalt is so easy to take care of that anyone can do it. The think about asphalt pavement is that you only have to care for it minimally. Taking care of asphalt pavement involves sweeping the surface and making sure there are no dried leaves and oil spills there. You also have to apply sealcoating to the pavement every two to three years to prevent toxins and other chemicals from affecting the integrity of the asphalt pavement.


Asphalt looks good, too. It is certainly more flexible compared to concreate parking lots. Because of its durability, asphalt pavements can last for a long time. Throughout the years, while it may show signs of wear and tear, it will still be aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.


This material is 100% recyclable. The asphalt taken out from one Winter Haven parking lot paving can be used for another pavement. The contractors only need to add binders to the recycled asphalt to make it look the same as brand-new material. This is a great way not to contribute to the filling up of the landfill and other waste segregation and management facilities.

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