Why Asphalt Is the Cheapest Plant City Parking Lot Paving

In reality, a gravel driveway or Plant City parking lot paving is the most affordable option for anyone who wants a paved driveway or parking lot. But the cost of maintaining a gravel driveway might not be worth it. It easily erodes. Gravel can collapse if the soil below it collapses. It is prone to ruts, sinkholes, and other damages because of its exposure to water, sun, snow, and other weather conditions. You will need to add gravel every time, as well as control weed (because they tend to grow more in gravel-lined driveways), and regrade the driveway every two years.

That leaves you with only two other options: concrete and gravel. On average, constructing a parking lot will cost between $2.50 and $7 per square foot for both materials and concrete. You can expect to pay between $2.5 and $4.5 for asphalt or between $4 and $7 for concrete.

The total cost will still depend on the size of the lot, as well as how many cars it will accommodate. For example, a 10-car space Plant City parking lot paving can cost $10,000 while a 300-car parking lot will cost a whopping $700,000. And that’s just the construction (materials and labor). There are other factors such as foliage ideas, patterns, and designs.

Why Is Asphalt the Cheapest?

Simply put, the asphalt is the cheapest because the material itself is cheap. Asphalt is almost 90% recyclable. Every time an asphalt pavement is constructed, the contractor uses recyclable materials derived from roads, highways, streets, driveways, and parking lots that have worn down over the years. Does this process make the new asphalt pavement weaker? Hardly. With the use of bitumen, aggregate, binders, and a host of other materials, asphalt is as durable as when it was first applied to a pavement.

It’s not only in the construction phase that asphalt is winning. It is also easy to maintain and cheap to repair. Because of the recyclability of asphalt, its repair costs are lower compared to concrete and other materials. When there’s a sinkhole or crack on the asphalt pavement, this can easily be sealed with a sealant, binder, or recycled asphalt.

Even the equipment used to apply asphalt on the pavement is cheaper compared to the equipment required by concrete and gravel. In fact, people can manually apply the asphalt on the pavement. For small paving and repair projects, the workers can easily just apply asphalt using handheld tools and devices. That’s how easy and convenient asphalt paving is for Plant City parking lot paving.

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