Which Paint To Use For Your Haines City Parking Lot Paving

After the Haines City parking lot paving contractor finished the asphalt pavement of your parking lot, you need to wait for a few days before painting it with lines, signs, and warnings. Striping the parking lot is one of the most important steps you need to take to ensure that it is compliant to safety standards and regulations in your state.

If you think you can paint the parking lot yourself, you may want to rethink that idea. There are federal and state laws and regulations that cover this area of your parking lot.

You may find yourself in a limbo trying to decipher all the laws and rules you need to consider. Better hire a contractor who can finish the job for you and ensure that all those signs and lines are in accordance with the law.

There’s also the matter of using the right paint for your parking lot. Standard paints will not adhere properly to either asphalt or concrete material. Latex and acrylic, for example, can easily peel off from the surface especially during hot days. They never completely adhere to the asphalt or concrete pavement.

There will always be bubbles and with a little push, the lines can be stripped off the Haines City parking lot paving. The result is so poor that you might be better off using a chalk to draw the lines and warning symbols.

Traffic paint or special asphalt and concrete paints are specially formulated to adhere to concrete and asphalt pavement. They are either solvent-based or water-based. The solvent-based varieties are sometimes referred to as alkyd. You may call it such but that’s not particularly accurate because alkyd is just one of the ingredients as a binder.

If you are concerned about the environmental impact of the paint, you may want to check out water-based paints. While most solvents are sources of volatile organic compounds that are bad for the environment, water-based paints stayed clear of these compounds. More, they can be used indoors because they won’t be emitting fumes that solvent-based paints do.

These fumes can cause headaches and can cause “sick building syndrome.” The fumes stay even after the paint has dried. If your building is well insulated and fresh air exchange is limited, the fumes could stay for months.

So, before striping your Haines City parking lot paving, whether outdoor or indoor, make sure to use the right paint that’s environmentally-friendly and safe for your health and the health of those who will use the parking lot.

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