When Should You Call Your Haines City Parking Lot Paving Contractor

If you suddenly find yourself facing a pavement problem, you have two options: one is to do the minor repairs yourself and two is to call the Haines City parking lot paving contractor that first worked on your parking lot or driveway.

While doing the repairs yourself is cheaper, it is not economical. As an amateur in the repairs of asphalt pavements, it will take you a long time to understand what needs to be done and an even greater time to purchase all the materials and equipment you need.

As such, you would also have to close the section of your parking lot that you are repairing or replacing. You’re not only going to affect your business operations but you would also have to spend your personal time doing the pavement repairs.

The reason why it is better to call on a professional contractor to manage the repair and replacement of your asphalt pavement is that he can give you the best service that your pavement requires.

No matter how much we read about repairing pavements and fixing cracks and potholes, the knowledge we will gain through reading tips, hacks, and blogs will fall in comparison to the expertise of legitimate paving contractors.

While paving contractors generally demand a bigger fee, they also provide a better service compared to what we can do as amateurs.

The next time you think about doing the pavement repairs by yourself, you may want to think the idea over again. The wrong procedure can prove detrimental to the overall health of your pavement and it might even affect the areas of the pavement that are not problematic. In the end, you will be looking at an even bigger expense.

Water begins pooling

Minor cracks and small potholes can be closed by a sealant. Applying the sealcoating on the asphalt pavement will protect the outermost layer from debris, effects of the extreme weather conditions, and most of all, water. But when the water begins pooling on very specific areas of the parking lot, it might be time to get concerned.

This only means two things: one, the drainage system is not working and the water has nowhere to go and two, the pavement has collapsed and the water will automatically crawl into these collapsed spaces.

When this happens, call the contractor immediately to prevent the further deterioration of the asphalt. Water can easily seep into the cracks of the pavement (no matter how minor) and the pavement will collapse in no time because of the weakening structure of the sub-layer.

Cracks are spreading

Are you noticing the cracks and lines starting to spread around the pavement? Are the cracks beginning to appear along the edges of the pavement? If so, these cracks will easily weaken the structure of the whole pavement.

These cracks can start to chip off and blocks of pavement can come off the main parking lot or driveway. This will make the pavement displeasing to look at and might even render that area of the parking lot or driveway useless.

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