When Should I Resurface My Plant City Parking Lot Paving?

It’s well-known that when you own a Plant City parking lot paving, you have to do your own part in making sure that it sustains its sturdiness and its clean blacktop look. Of course, your parking lot pavement is installed with the intent to last as long as it’s supposed to, but it can only get to that point if you take the proper steps to keep it properly maintained.

There are numerous ways to do this, and they range from sweeping and keeping your pavement surface cleaned regularly, to seal coating your paving to restore its look. These maintenance methods are generally low-cost and don’t take much effort to do.

One of the more expensive maintenance methods is resurfacing, which is when you take off the top inches of your pavement and replace them. It sounds like a great way to restore your paving, but resurfacing has its time and place in your Plant City parking lot paving maintenance.

Learn more about when you should resurface your paving and when you shouldn’t.

When should I resurface my asphalt pavement?

Resurfacing your pavement generally means replacing the top layer, or the surface with a brand new surface. It’s very important to remember that if you’re thinking of having your pavement resurfaced, it is only to fix problems that are found on the surface.

One of the most common reasons why pavement owners are looking to resurface their pavement is because, after several years of owning the paving, it does tend to look a bit worn and run down.

Resurfacing your parking lot pavement surface can go a long way in restoring your parking lot to its former glory. Another reason why people have their pavements resurfaced is to take care of any signs of damage that makes its way to the surface of their pavement.

It’s very important to remember that if you’re looking to resurface your pavement, you must be sure that you have a solid base.

When is resurfacing a bad idea?

If you’re considering having your pavement resurfaced, you should be aware that there are certain circumstances where this might not be the best course of action. As mentioned before, resurfacing your Plant City parking lot paving is the best choice when your pavement has incurred surface damage only.

If your pavement is showing signs of structure or foundational damage, then resurfacing will only provide a temporary solution. If your pavement has potholes or alligator cracking, then this indicates structural damage in your Plant City parking lot paving and requires more extensive repair.

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