What’s Hurting Your Asphalt?

If you will take care of your Lakeland parking lot paving well, there’s a pretty good chance it will give you 10 or more years of problem-free pavement. However, most business owners don’t realize that they are doing (or not doing) things that can hurt their building’s pavement directly.

Even if you have the pavement repaired over and over again, if you don’t know how to take care of it regularly (keyword is regularly), you would encounter the same problems and issues again. The pavement is an important part of your business. It can either attract customers or turn them away. If you will realize its importance, you will surely not waste any time maintaining it to the best of its ability.

There are basically two major ways you are hurting your asphalt pavement—neglect and misuse.


Once you decide to have an asphalt pavement for a parking lot, you will have to take charge of taking care of it. That means, you will schedule a regular maintenance checkup and you will have to address issues as they come. You won’t sit and wait for the problem to blow up on your face. You have to confront them head-on.

The easiest way to have your pavement deteriorate on you is to neglect its needs. That means that you will reject having it checked and you will think small potholes are, well, small problems. You know it’s not. A small pothole can easily be a gigantic pothole and so on and on. Water can collect in it and seep through the layers below.

If you don’t mind seeing potholes on your parking lot, you’re already on the first stage of neglecting your pavement.


You have to ask the Lakeland parking lot paving company how much tons your pavement can take. You don’t have to allow all vehicles to pass by it or park on it. You can set a limitation to your parking lot. There is no use to accommodating all vehicles and end up paying for the repair costs.

Your parking lot should be limited to a certain number of cars, too, especially if your business is somewhere near a body of water. That means that the land beneath your pavement is probably less dense than traditional areas. It’s so easy for the land underneath to give in to the pressure of the weight of the vehicles. You have to be careful against allowing heavy vehicles to park on your pavement for a long time.

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