How To Find Out What’s Distressing Your Asphalt

When something is troubling your Lakeland parking lot paving, what do you do? The first thing most people will do is to patch it up. Maybe a pothole suddenly appeared on the pavement? Yes, you can put a sealant or a new layer of asphalt to cover it up. However, this way only addresses the symptom and not the disease. The cure is somewhere still there.

So, how do you know exactly if there is a bigger problem that your pavement faces? The proper identification of the root cause of the problem will help you address that area in question. It will also avoid a more costly repair.

Educate yourself

There are lots of resources on the internet and even here in our very own website about the symptoms of asphalt distress. Read as much as you can about the causes of these issues and what possible fixes can there be. There are many options that can address these problems, of course, but you have to know the best thing to do under the circumstances—budget restraints, schedules, logistics, etc.

Keep track of repair and maintenance schedule

Every time you will have your pavement repaired or maintained, keep track of it. Have a record book with you that details what was checked and what preventive measures were put in place. This way, it makes it easier for you to identify when the issue cropped up—before or after the regular maintenance schedule. Also, you can evaluate and discern the potential lifespan of the asphalt pavement. When the lifespan is nearing its end, you can begin including a new pavement project in your budget.

Be very observant

As the owner of the property, it falls on your shoulder to check on the pavement whether there are cracks, spider lines, or potholes. During rainy months, your pavement is more susceptible to potholes and cracks. Walk along it regularly and check for minor issues. As soon as you identify the problems, evaluate it and schedule a repair.

Ask help from your contractor

Ask your contractor for a schedule of maintenance check. You can also inquire about the proper handling of the pavement, and at what point in time does the problem require professional assistance. A qualified and reputable contractor can help you identify what distresses the asphalt and how these can be addressed. When you ask for assistance, be very specific about what you need to fix or repair in your Lakeland parking lot paving.

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