What Your Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving Contractor Is Not Telling You

When contractor bids for your project, they will tell you all you want to hear. They will tell you that the project will be done in the agreed-upon time. They will tell you that they can make the project at a much cheaper price compared to the other contractors. A Winter Haven parking lot paving company who wants to get the business will tell you exactly what you want to hear without thinking about what you needed to hear as a business owner.

Here are the things that you would have wished your contractor would’ve told you before accepting the parking lot project:

That The Project Is Too Ambitious

Too many contractors make the common mistake of agreeing to what the client wants simply because they want to close the deal. But the problem is, in the middle of the project, they would realize that the project was too ambitious from the start.

If they could’ve told the clients about it in the beginning, they would not have to face this kind of dilemma. In the end, the contractor risked his reputation for nothing while the client has to change his expectations.

Both of them will ruin whatever kind of work relationship they could have had developed. The contractor will never get a recommendation from the client and the client will find it hard to trust another parking lot paving contractor again.

That The Project Needs More Money

In a contractor’s haste to close and sign the deal with a client, he will agree that the project can be finished for a certain amount.

The client will expect that his budget will cover all the expenses of the parking lot project when in reality, the contractor knows too well that the money is not enough.

If the contractor tries to negotiate additional budget while doing the project, the client will surely balk at the idea. The client expects that the money he provided is already enough for the project. Now, who’s fault is that, right?

That The Timeline Is Too Tight

Contractors agree on a specific timeline because they think this will persuade the client to grant the project to them. However, the length and duration of the project will always depend on many conditions such as the weather, the availability of materials, the workers, and the general plan.

Although there should be an exact timeline of when the Winter Haven parking lot paving will be finished, nothing is ever accurate when it comes to projects such as this.

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