What You Need To Paint Your Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving

So, you have hired a Winter Haven parking lot paving to paint lines, warning signs, and handicap signs on your parking lot. Now that the schedule has been set, you announced to your customers that the parking lot would be closed on a particular day and time for this exact reason.

Before the contractor arrives at your property, make sure you fully understand what it is that you are paying for and how the process will commence.

Getting the right gear is important for any contractor. If you wish, you can simply ask the contractor once they arrived if they brought all they need to paint your parking lot.

Remember that you closed this pavement for this purpose. It would be a shame to close it again for another day and confuse and irritate your loyal customers.

Line strip paint

There’s a special type of water-based paint made exclusively for asphalt and concrete. Make sure that the contractor is using this special type of paint because it dries faster and it lasts longer. They should bring enough paint to cover every linear or square feet of the parking lot that they are striping.

They would have to apply the paint double or triple over the lines to make sure that the color will be bright enough for customers to see. You also need to check the local regulations and laws because they may have extra precautionary measures or requirements for striping parking lots.

Manual or roller

Generally, there are two ways to paint or stripe your parking lot pavement. You can either do it manually, which means that the process will, of course, be slower. Or, you can use a roller, which will finish the job in no time.

Most contractors either have a roller which they push manually or a more high-tech striping equipment that will do the job faster than a roller can.


This is often a forgotten material when talking about striping a pavement. Stencils will mark the lines needed to be painted. It can also be used to mark the handicap sign and other warning symbols such as no parking, direction arrows, and even a fire lane.


When the paint is still wet, you can ask your contractor to apply high visibility glass beads. These beads will increase the visibility of the markings. They are also very reflective during nighttime, which can prevent accidents.

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