What To Know About Getting Free Estimates From Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving Companies

You see a lot of these call-to-actions propagating the internet and the websites of Winter Haven parking lot paving contractors.

They ask you to click on the link for a free estimate of your pavement project. And you always wonder if there are hidden charges or will you be forced to agree to do the project right away when you really just want a clear estimate of how much you should prepare.

This is the reason why some of these CTAs don’t work. Web visitors and potential clients are afraid that they will be hounded by telemarketers or they will be persuaded to agree to something they are not ready for exactly.

When you clicked on that “ask for a free estimate” link, most websites will ask you to fill up pertinent information about yourself and the project you are inquiring for. The information that will be requested from you is your full name, your address, your phone number and email address, the job type (commercial paving, residential paving, or other projects/services), the company name, the company address, and a brief description of the project.

These are all pertinent information needed to draft a proposal for your project. However, what is not okay are these three things:

You should not be asked to subscribe to newsletters

You should be able to uncheck the subscribe to newsletter option before sending your information to the contractor. Some websites will not allow you to do so.

Instead, there would be a small print telling you that by hitting the send button, you are also agreeing to be included in the company’s newsletter. While that may be a small price to pay in exchange for a free quotation, you won’t feel the same after you have been bombarded with emails after emails after emails.

You should not be forced to agree to telemarket services

Some contractors still use the old ways of telemarketers to find new clients and retain old ones. If you will leave your telephone number with them, you are risking the chance of this information being sold to telemarketers who will call you day after day to offer you different promotions, etc.

There’s nothing more annoying than that. Make sure that when you hit send, you are not unintentionally giving away your number to telemarketers.

You should not be charged a minimal fee

Remember that the main attraction of this CTA to you is the word “free.” If you are going to be asked to pay a minimal fee for whatever reason they may have, it’s okay to say no. There are legitimate companies out there that actually provide this service for free so just browse around and look for the right contractor.

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