What To Do While Your Lakeland Parking Lot Paving Is Being Repaired

After some time has elapsed, it can’t be helped that your Lakeland parking lot paving will need repairs, reconstruction, and replacement. The problem is if you’re running a business, this will affect your customers and a lot of them may get annoyed at the fact that they don’t have a space where they can leave their vehicles. As the business owner, what are you going to do about it? How can you pacify your customers while also taking care of your business?

Shoulder Their Parking Expenses

If there are paid parking spaces near you, talk with the management and try to enter into an agreement wherein you will pay a fixed rate for the parking time of your customers.

What you can do is to provide a coupon to your paying customers that they can show to the parking attendant in exchange for a few hours of free parking. You can shoulder the first two hours of parking while the rest will be paid for by the customer.

Find An Alternative

You need to provide an alternative for your customers. Before the repairs on your parking lot are started, you should have found a space that will accommodate at least a portion of your regular customers.

You can also ask the Lakeland parking lot paving company if they can repair the space by portion. This means that a portion of your parking lot will still be open for public use while the other areas are being repaired.

Bring On The Coupons and Discounts

If you don’t have the budget to shoulder your customers’ parking fees, you can at least provide coupons and discounts. This is a small exchange to the annoyance that the repairs are causing your customers. They can use the coupons and discounts in your store to purchase items and services.


The thing about doing repairs in a business is that they are only annoying when the business owner doesn’t know how to apologize for it. Put up a big sign apologizing for the convenience the repairs are causing your customers. Make sure that the sign is readable and that it explains why the repairs are needed.

Your customers will understand that the repairs made on the Lakeland parking lot paving are for their good and security. Though there may be some comments as the repairs progress, this is neglectable in the grand scheme of things.

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