What to Consider When Choosing Asphalt Plant City Parking Lot Paving

When it comes to your Plant City parking lot paving and roads, there are two common materials used, which are asphalt and concrete. When you look at both of them, there is a clear difference between the two, visually. 

However, there are other factors that set them apart from each other, which play an important role in a property owner’s decision to choose one over the other for their parking lots. Keeping these factors in mind will help you make sure that you’ve chosen the right material for your Plant City parking lot paving. 


The location of your parking lot definitely needs to be considering because the local climate and its temperature will make a huge difference in the quality of your paving. If your area tends to run a little colder, then asphalt is a better choice over concrete because concrete has a tendency to freeze over when temperatures drop significantly. 

If water freezes over concrete, this will result in cracks, which means that you will need to deal with a lot of maintenance, which can be a hassle. On the other hand, asphalt is much more resistant to cold weather and freezing temperatures. Not only that but asphalt will not get damaged when salt is poured over it to melt ice. 


Compared to concrete, asphalt is the more affordable option, as well as faster to install, which is a plus for businesses that are worried about losing out on business during the installation. Concrete is always the more expensive option. However, it is available in a variety of designs, so you need to consider all three factors of budget, design, and time. 

The Environment

One of the biggest pros for choosing asphalt for your Plant City parking lot paving is the fact that asphalt is the more environmentally-friendly option. This is because asphalt can be recycled as many times as needed. 

When an old asphalt pavement is being repaved or redone, the old asphalt can be removed and ground up for future use. Not only that, but other materials like tire rubber, glass, and roof shingles can also be recycled into it. This is especially appealing for those who are looking to minimize their environmental impact, and this can also benefit your business as well, as asphalt can be used as a green tax credit in certain cases. 

Choosing a material that can be recycled indefinitely means doing your part in making sure that you are not using up valuable landfill space, which is a serious concern in the environmental field. 


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