What is Ruining My Plant City Parking Lot Paving?

Maintaining a Plant City parking lot paving can be a lot of work. In fact, for some pavement owners, it can feel like an uphill battle because as soon as you get one issue fixed, another one shows up.

One of the reasons why this might be happening is that you might not have adequately prepared for some of the most common causes of pavement damage.

In order to make sure that your paving is properly maintained, here are some of the most common things that can ruin your Plant City parking lot paving and what you can do about it.

The natural elements

The natural shift in the seasons and climate can end up causing a lot of damage to your pavement. From the UV rays of the sun to the unrelenting rain from the colder seasons, having your pavement constantly exposed to the natural elements can take a toll on it.

Excessive rainfall can cause cracking in your paving, which can later lead to potholes if you’re not careful. The heat from the sun can cause warping and raveling of your paving. It’s important to do the needed maintenance before a new season set in.

Chemicals from cars

Despite being a space for customers to park their cars, their vehicles can cause damage to your Plant City parking lot paving as well.

Chemicals like gasoline and oil can cause the binder in your paving to warp, which can lead to the raveling of your pavement, which means that the aggregate of your pavement can come loose.

One easy way to make sure that the chemicals don’t set in and cause damage is by washing down your pavement regularly.

Heavy traffic loads

When you have your Plant City parking lot paving installed for the first time, you will be asked to estimate the traffic load that you expect your parking lot to take on.

It’s important that you estimate it properly because if your pavement handles more than the expected traffic load, it will develop cracks and other signs of damage very quickly.

If your paving damage is caused by this, the best course of action would e to have the entire pavement reinstalled because it is a foundation issue and not something that you can easily repair from the surface.

What can I do about it?

With all of the potential causes for damage to your Plant City parking lot paving, is there an easy way to make sure that it doesn’t get damaged? The best thing you can do is by keeping up your maintenance and repairs such as seal coating and regular cleaning.

This helps minimize the amount of damage that can be caused by external factors. You should also make sure to work with a reputable paving company to make sure that your paving is strong from the get-go.

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