What If I Use Recycled Asphalt for My Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving?

Asphalt has always been a popular choice for your Winter Haven parking lot paving for a number of reasons. Some of these include: its affordability, its speedy installation process, and easy maintenance. Something interesting to note about asphalt as a material is its ability to be recycled multiple times once it has been removed and processed from a previous project.

Its properties make it easy to break it up and reprocess it for use for the next paving project. Its seemingly endless ability to be recycled over and over again is a large part of why it is so affordable as a material. Better yet, this is what makes it the more environmentally-friendly option.

Because of this, you should seriously consider the use of recycled asphalt for your Winter Haven parking lot paving. Learn more about what it means to use recycled asphalt for your paving projects.

As mentioned before, asphalt’s affordability what makes it a popular option for those considering a paving project. You will find that you end up paying even less for recycled asphalt because there is no need to purchase or mine new material. Recycled asphalt also requires much less work and resources to process for use, which is another reason why it is cheaper than fresh asphalt material.

Its repeated processing results in a more coarser mix compared to newer asphalt, allowing for better drainage. For areas that see plenty of rainfall, this is a great option because it allows water to pass through it safely without damaging the paving surface.

Standing or pooling water on your pavement surface can cause some of the more serious forms of damage to your paving, so it’s always a good idea to have safety measures in place that help prevent that.

As an environmentally-friendly option, since it requires less resources to use, this leads to a decreased amount of emissions it produces. Also, reusing asphalt for your Winter Haven parking lot paving is a friendlier option to the environment since it lacks the ability to break down naturally and decay. Since it is still fit for use even after a project, recycling it makes it a greener option.

In some ways, recycled asphalt can be sturdier than fresh asphalt since these also contain some of the materials that were mixed into it during the previous Winter Haven parking lot paving project, which includes tar. The inclusion of tar into the material means that it’s easier to bond and more likely to be stronger than loose, new material.

However, with all of the benefits of recycled asphalt for your Winter Haven parking lot paving it does have its own set of faults that you should be aware of. You may find that recycled asphalt is not as dark as fresh asphalt. For many people, this isn’t much of an issue, but if you’re after the aesthetics of asphalt, you should think about this. But overall, this is a matter of personal preference.

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