What Haines City Parking Lot Paving Contractors Do To Attract More Business

Homeowners are holding on their money tight and paying off their mortgages. Businesses are losing investors and making sure not to have a lot more expense than necessary. These are two of the biggest markets of a Haines City parking lot paving contractor. If both homeowners and business owners are not letting go of their hard-earned money, where will contractors find the job to keep their businesses afloat?

Visit your old sales files

As you have done a lot of work in the past years, you have also managed to collect a sizeable number of contact information. These contacts will remain to be useful in the coming years, especially in these trying economic times.

Revisit your old files and see if the businesses you have serviced over the years are still running. The next step is to confirm their primary contact number and pass this information over to your sales and marketing department.

They can then reach out to them and ask if they need the same service you have provided years ago. Contact every single customer in your list and there will be someone there who needs a re-pavement service.

Try subcontracting

If you have downsized your employee size but landed a sizeable project, you can consider subcontracting it to other Haines City parking lot paving companies. Or, you can also be a subcontractor on a project of other pavement companies.

It’s a give and take relationship and it works both ways. It can keep your business afloat enough to ride out the strong tides of this insecure economy. Subcontracting has its benefits because it allows businesses to survive and to be efficient.

Bid on all projects

If a customer calls and inquires about your Haines City parking lot paving services, bid on everything he needs whether we perform that work or not. You can be honest and tell that customer that you don’t do everything, but you are willing to bid out the project and manage it from start to finish.

Diversify your business

The need for pavement contractors is very small. A Haines City parking lot paving typically lasts years and it would be a matter of time before a household or a business would need a re-pavement or another repair service.

Don’t just diversify for the sake of diversifying. Rather, determine what your market needs and answer that need. Your new service or product should not damage your reputation; it should magnify the positive in your business.

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