What Goes Into the Cost of a Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving?

When you own a store or a physical business, you have to put in a lot of effort to make sure that your business looks appealing enough for customers to want to shop there. This exact reason is why a lot of business owners invest into a Winter Haven parking lot paving to make a good impression on their customers.

But providing a place to park, they are giving customers the luxury of time to come into the store and take the time to browse and shop. A good looking parking lot also gives off the impression to customers that this store is willing to take the time to take care of their store, so they must also be willing to take the time to take care of its customers.

With all of these factors, it’s no wonder why a parking lot paving has become so popular. However, when business owners make the decision to have a parking lot installed, some of them are shocked at the cost of a pavement installation and change their minds.

You have to understand that there are several factors involved in the cost of a Winter Haven parking lot paving.


You wouldn’t have typically expected it, but the kind of soil where the pavement is going to be installed on can play a huge role in how much your pavement installation project can cost. One of the most important factors that have to be considered is the kind of soil you have, as this is going to have an impact on the compaction process.

Compaction is the process of compacting the soil in order to form a strong base for your pavement. If done incorrectly, your paving might see some damage issues later on that will be very difficult and expensive to fix.

Certain soil types require more compaction effort than others and might end up costing more in your parking lot project quote.

Expected Use

One of the things that any Winter Haven parking lot paving contractor will ask you about your paving project is how much traffic you’re expecting your parking lot to see. This is a very important question that you have answer accurately because this will determine how thick your pavement has to be.

Pavement that doesn’t see a lot of heavy traffic is expected to be only a few inches thick, while pavement that is expected to carry a lot of traffic every day will need to be much thicker. Of course, the more asphalt material you need, the more expensive the project is going to be.

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