What Gets You in Trouble With Your Plant City Parking Lot Paving?

Parking lots are a lot riskier than you think. Every year, the government records thousands of injuries and hundreds of fatalities because of parking lot accidents. Plant City parking lot paving owners have to face the court because of these incidents. They can face legal sanctions and pay penalties. Around the holidays and other festivities, the parking lots can become more dangerous (because in many states, snow makes the parking lots slippery).


More than 70% of respondents in a survey admitted to using their phones when they are in the parking lots of malls and other establishments. People text, call, email, check social media, snap photos, and watch videos when they are in parking lots. They also set their GPS settings so they know the roads to take on their way to their destinations. Many of them do these while they’re driving slowly around the parking lot either to find a spot or to exit the area.

During the holiday season, people are even more distracted trying to get in and out of places as fast as they can. This also leads to more distractions and Plant City parking lot paving accidents.


Unclear markings can cause accidents, too. When motorists can’t see the markings on the road or parking lots clearly, they will make the wrong decisions. You can also face legal fines for not following the requirements for fire lanes and wheelchair-accessible areas. You can face discrimination charges for not providing wheelchair-accessible slots in your parking areas.


You are responsible for the safety of the people using your parking lot. Whether they’re your employees or your guests, they should feel safe walking to and from their vehicles. You should employ a security guard who will go around the parking lot to hopefully intimidate criminals. Women, in particular, are vulnerable in parking lots because criminals target them when they are alone. That’s why your parking area should be well-lit, too.


The integrity of your pavement is another one of your responsibility. If you let cracks and potholes appear on the pavement, you are also risking accidents. Vehicles can drive over potholes, causing the driving to lose grip of the steering wheel and crash into something. People can also walk over these holes and get into an accident that causes major injuries to them. Not to mention, your Plant City parking lot paving looks unsightly with these signs of pavement deteriorations.

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