What Causes Potholes In Asphalt Pavement?

Even major cities are not immune to the problem of having potholes on their asphalt pavements. In the United States, business owners use asphalt for their Lakeland parking lot paving. The presence of potholes create a major problem for business owners because it cheapens the parking lot and it can cause injuries and accidents to the customers parking their vehicles there.

Repairing potholes have seemingly become a part of a company’s maintenance budget every year. Business owners have to be wary of potholes in their pavement because no client wants to park on an potholed parking space. Unfortunately, potholes appear even on pavements that don’t have much traffic. But what really causes potholes and how can we prevent them?

Potholes on Lakeland parking lot paving usually appear around the same time as the spring season. The presence of potholes have a lot to do with the weather conditions in a particular space, as well as how the roads were constructed. That is why you will notice that potholes appear on pavements in cities and states that experience a hot-cold-hot-cold temperature.

To understand how potholes develop, we first need to know how roads are constructed. Most streets are layered with the bottom layer consisting of stones, gravel and packed sand, so that snow and rain will drain properly. Next to this layer, the roads are usually covered with asphalt, which can repel water and snow and then, redirect it to the sides of the roads or into the drains.

While asphalt pavement is generally sturdier than other materials for road pavement like concrete, regular maintenance is required for asphalt because they can be affected by traffic, heavy vehicles, and the weather, of course. But for most cities and even businesses, this is often overlooked, so the pavement is not protected with sealcoating and fillers to prevent potholes.

The constant change in temperature create cracks and thin spider lines on the asphalt pavement, which lets snow, dirt and water get into the gravel and asphalt layers below the surface. The water that gets into the cracks freezes and expands. The expanding ice creates a hole on the surface when it melts and the asphalt overhead collapses into the hole. This is made worse by continuing traffic.

Regular checkups and maintenance can help prevent the appearance of potholes on Lakeland parking lot paving. But remember, we cannot do most major (and even minor) repairing on our own, so we should have an asphalt paving company in our contact list.

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