What Can Affect the Outcome of My Plant City Parking Lot Paving?

No two Plant City parking lot paving structures are the same, but all pavements have many similarities which makes it easy to predict what can affect the installation of pavement. For example, something like location and climate can make an impact on how fast your paving can deteriorate.

With this knowledge, maintenance and preventative measures can easily be taken to make sure that your paving’s condition is properly maintained. Learn more about some of the factors that may affect the outcome of your Plant City parking lot paving installation.

The current condition of your paving

The current condition of your Plant City parking lot paving can play a significant role in how well your parking lot maintenance will turn out. Whether there is little or significant damage to your parking lot, this will influence the amount of repair work that needs to be done for your paving.

This is something that you need to do regularly because forms of damage can result in more significant and more expensive repair if left unattended.

Time of repair and installation

You should know that performing installation and repairs during the wrong season can compromise the quality of your pavement.

One example is seal coating application. It’s always best to apply sealcoating during the spring, right before the summer months, as it can help prevent damage to your asphalt caused by UV rays from the sun.

It’s recommended that cracks are filled in just before winter these can widen due to the freezing and thawing of the water that will pool in these cracks, resulting in more extensive damage.

Ideally, most paving repairs and installation should be carried out when there is enough heat for the asphalt to cure properly.

Carrying out asphalt maintenance during colder seasons will result in improper curing, which will negatively affect the outcome of your pavement.


The location of your Plant City parking lot paving and the climate found there can affect the outcome of your paving repair and maintenance. Learning more about the local climate conditions of your area can allow you to keep an eye out for specific types of damage that need repair.

For example, pavements installed in hotter areas will need sealcoating applied more frequently in order to protect your asphalt from the sun’s heat and UV rays to prevent warping and damage.

Pavement installed in areas that have a naturally more rainy climate will require more specific attention to catch basins in order to avoid the buildup of water on the paving surface.

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