How the Weather Can Affect Your Haines City Parking Lot Paving

No matter how resilient your Haines City parking lot paving can be, it is not indestructible, no matter how well it has been paved. There are a lot of factors that can affect the overall state of your parking lot paving. Water drainage and heavy loads that your paving wasn’t designed to handle, are just a couple of factors which can affect the state of your paving and can cause damage over time.

However, another important thing you need to take into consideration when looking into things that can affect your parking lot paving is the climate and the season. Believe it or not, you paving is quite sensitive to the changes between the hot and the wet seasons.

Wet Seasons

If your paving is starting to have cracks in it, then this type of paving is more likely to be vulnerable to the rainy seasons. This is because the rain can seep into these cracks and damage the paving from the inside, making the inside brittle and more likely to develop more cracks. The dangerous thing about water damage is that the damage develops slowly over time, making it quite difficult to notice sometimes, and only seeing the extent of the damage when a significant amount of damage has already been done. Water can cause more damage to your paving the longer it stays, so this is why paving is usually sloped, to make sure that the water is drained as fast as possible.

Hot Seasons

Living in sunny Florida doesn’t immediately protect your paving from the natural elements. Dry heat can cause cracks to form in the paving as well, which when combined with water as we mentioned above, can cause significant damage to your paving. More exposure of the asphalt to the sun can cause oxidation, which is caused by UV rays, and is the process of the light oils in the pavement combining to make heavier oils, which causes brittleness in the pavement, and results in cracking. The heat can also cause erosion on the layers below the surface, making its foundation very brittle and likely to develop potholes if pressure is applied to it.

The best way to minimize the amount of damage caused to your Haines City parking lot paving is to keep an eye out for anything that can cause any amount of damage to it, and perform small repairs to prevent any additional damage from occurring. It’s better to spend for sealing any cracks that may appear on your pavement now compared to shelling out thousands to repair an entire section of pavement which has cracks and potholes in it.

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