Warm Mix Asphalt and Your Plant City Parking Lot Paving

When it comes to installing your Plant City parking lot paving for the very first time, you may be surprised to find that there are plenty of options available that you can tailor your paving to fit your personal needs and adapt to the location. For example, if you live in an area that experiences a lot of rainfall and flooding, then you can opt to use a type of asphalt that easily drains rainwater into the subgrade bed without any damage to the asphalt layer.

This asphalt is called porous asphalt, and is an excellent option to choose if you have an issue with stormwater in your area. This is just one of the many versatile options available when making the decision to use asphalt for your paving needs Here, we will talk about warm mix asphalt and how it can be used for your asphalt paving.

What is warm mix asphalt?

Warm mix asphalt is simply an asphalt mix that is processed at a much lower temperature than hot mix asphalt, which is the asphalt mix commonly used in asphalt paving projects. It has also been observed to be more cost effective to process compared to hot mix asphalt. This is because it uses less fossil fuels and takes less time to heat up and process compared to hot mix asphalt. It is also easier to ship over longer distances, because of its lower manufacturing temperature.

Benefits of warm mix asphalt

While it is a relatively new type of asphalt mix compared to the more commonly used hot mix type, warm mix asphalt is slowly gaining popularity because of its numerous benefits. One of the biggest advantages that warm mix asphalt has over hot mix is that it is less costly to process, as well as transport. A significant reason behind this is because of its lower temperature, which allows for minimal resource consumption as well as easier transport.

Another significant benefit provided by warm mix asphalt is that it is observed to be more durable compared to it hot mix counterpart. This means that it can withstand more traffic loads, and won’t damage a easily because of weight. This can be attributed to the water-based foaming process and other additives which contribute to a more structurally durable asphalt mix overall.

Warm mix asphalt can also be beneficial for the workers who apply this mix. This can be seen during the pouring process, where since it is being poured at a lower temperature, there is less dust and fumes that the workers are exposed to. Warm mix asphalt for your Plant City parking lot paving can be extremely beneficial for the environment as well, as the lower heating temperature mean that less fuel is needed to process, and less carbon emissions are produced.

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