Using Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving To Market A Business Better

What is it about the façade and interiors of a building that makes people take hundreds of photos in front of it? Why do millennials love to post in the middle of a Winter Haven parking lot paving or on a building’s side that’s been painted with a mural? It all boils down to your space being Instagrammable. If somehow, your space looks good on the social media platform, you can be sure that people will spend their time taking photos of it.

So, what gives? Should you use your parking lot to highlight what makes your business unique and social media-worthy? Definitely yes. Here’s how you can do it:

Take Your Customers To A Video Tour

Make a video tour of your parking lot. That means letting your customers see on video the many features you installed in your parking space such as sensors, warning signs, parking lines, comfort rooms, driver’s lounge, and many more. When they see what you have to offer in terms of facilities and amenities, they would feel more comfortable braving the traffic just to get to your place.

Talk About The Benefits of Having Your Own Parking Lot

Why should they worry about parking spaces when they go out? Answer that on your social media posts. Tell your customers why it’s important to leave their cars in a secure place. You can even cite studies and statistics of cars being stolen in dingy parking lots. This will remind your customers of why it’s important that businesses invest in building parking lots.

Highlight Why They Should Visit Your Business

What does your business have to offer? What makes your business unique? Aside from telling them the benefits of never having to worry about their cars’ safety, you should also incorporate the reasons why they need to visit your business. Whether it’s the quality of the products and services that you offer or that Instagrammable wall you have installed, your customers will come in droves if they have valid reasons to check your business out.

Do Not Charge More Than You Should

How much are you charging for the parking space? It’s better if you could provide ample parking spaces for free, but that’s too much to ask. Charge only the minimal fee, and never go beyond what is practical and acceptable. Eventually, you will see a return on investment, but try not to rush it at the expense of your customers’ pockets.

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