Using Your Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving For A Fundraising Event

Winter Haven parking lot paving is a good place to organize an event in, especially a fundraising event to support a cause, an advocacy, or an organization. Parking lots have a lot of space where people can mingle and gather. You can turn it into an elegant venue place just by putting up tents with drapes on the ceiling and renting tables and chairs for the guests to sit in.

Instead of always having to maintain it solely for your customers’ vehicles, you can turn it into a business by renting it out to people, business, and organizations that might need a venue place for their events. You can also do your own thing by raising funds for the charities you support as part of your corporate social responsibility.

Here are some ways you can turn your parking lots into a venue place for a fundraiser:

Rent a tent with drapes

The weather may be warm and cozy in Florida, but you cannot be sure with the weather these days. Thank you, global warming. If it gets too hot or too cold, that’s a problem you don’t want to deal with when the event is starting already. To make sure this won’t be a problem, just rent a tent with drapes on the ceilings, so that it will look elegant and well-put together.

Hire a lights and sounds team

To make it more viable for an event place, you have to hire a lights and sounds team that will put up huge speakers and elegant lighting to turn the parking lot into a sophisticated venue place. With the right lights, your parking lot could compete with indoor event places like a hotel ballroom. It’s really just all about the right lighting.

Let a florist put up flowers

Hire a florist who’s known at turning a simple and barren room into a stunning event place. The right person for the job could turn your place into an event organizer’s dream. Flowers on the tables, by the doors, by the registration table, on the stage, etc. will transform any simple parking space into a stunning and gorgeous hall.

Clean the pavement and install a removable carpet

Of course, turning this into a space for your fundraising event can only be possible if you have cleaned the pavement well and if there are not potholes on them where your guests could probably slip or trip. You may also choose to install a removable carpet to make your guests more comfortable walking on the pavement.

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