Understanding How Heat Affects Your Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving

One of the biggest shocks that Winter Haven parking lot paving owners face when they have their parking lots installed for the first time is the fact that there are plenty of factors that can cause damage to their paving. One of the most common causes of pavement damage includes natural elements, which also refers to rain and heat.

Heat is one of the biggest issues that pavement owners have to deal with since their pavements are out in the open. It might seem almost absurd as a new pavement owner, but understanding how heat affects your Winter Haven parking lot paving can go a long way in keeping it in good condition. Read on to find out how what heat can do to your pavement.

It causes fading of your pavement

The UV rays from the sun have been observed to cause fading in your paving, which will lead to problems with parking and driving. As a pavement owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that the lines on the surface of your pavement remain in good condition. If you continue to let your pavement be affected by the UV rays of the sun with no intervention, then this can be a legal liability, especially if your customers get injured on your property.

Your paving foundation can be weakened

Direct contact with the UV rays from sunlight can cause the material in your parking lot to weaken due to a large number of factors. Because of how damaging direct sunlight can be to your pavement, it’s important to maintain regular forms of pavement care, especially seal coating. The application of a sealant on your pavement surface will go a long way in keeping your pavement safe from many common causes of paving damage.

Cracks and potholes can form

Asphalt is quite receptive to changes in temperature. If your pavement is constantly exposed to the sun’s UV rays, then it will have a tendency to constantly expand and contract, which can cause cracks to form on its surface. Over time, it can lead to potholes and other serious problems on your paving. Keeping your pavement safe from the sun’s UV rays is essential to avoiding these issues.

Water can get into your pavement

Water is one of the most common causes to damage to Winter Haven parking lot paving. Due to the expanding and contracting caused by the UV rays of the sun, water can get into your pavement, which can lead to a majority of the damages listed above, namely, a weakened foundation, as well as the formation of cracks and potholes.

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