Understanding the Different Haines City Parking Lot Paving Mixes

To the layperson, your Haines City parking lot paving is a fairly straightforward structure. A familiar sight, plenty of people have come to welcome a stretch of blacktop meeting them as they pull into their driveways, or stop at a store.

While many of us are familiar with the sight of an asphalt pavement, we are quite unfamiliar with the process that paving companies have to follow in order to install one stretch of pavement.

While all asphalt paving look the same to us, the truth of the matter is, all types of asphalt pavement are made of of a mix that was specially put together depending on the needs of the paving and the pavement owner.

If you’re looking to have a new length of pavement installed, or replaced, here is a basic guide on the most common types of asphalt mixes and the circumstances they are used in.

Hot-mix asphalt

The different types of asphalt mixes derive their names from the temperature at which they are heated before they are poured.

Out of the three most common types of asphalt mixes, hot-mix asphalt is, well, the hottest mix out of the three. This type of asphalt mix is heated at temperatures ranging from 300 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is the most common types of asphalt mix used for asphalt projects. It’s a highly versatile asphalt mix, having the ability to be very flexible, weather resistant, as well as the ability to repel water.

This type of asphalt mix is usually installed during very hot days, requiring that the day be above 40 degrees in order for hot-mix asphalt to be used.

Warm-mix asphalt

Warm-mix asphalt is, as the name suggests, asphalt that has been heated at a lower temperature compared to hot-mix asphalt. This type of asphalt is heated at temperatures between 200 and 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

Warm mix asphalt is typically regarded as the more environmentally friendly type of asphalt mix. This is because of the fact that due to its lower heating temperature, it requires less fossil fuels and resources to produce. It is also more flexible compared to hot-mix asphalt.

Because of its hotter temperature, hot mix asphalt must be poured quickly as it tends to cool very quickly. Warm-mix asphalt on the other hand takes much longer to cool down, allowing asphalt companies to transport this asphalt mix across long distances.

Cold-mix asphalt

Cold mix asphalt is the least used asphalt mix for your Haines City parking lot paving. Because it doesn’t require heating, is the the most affordable asphalt option out of the three. This type of asphalt mix is typically used for repairs that are carried out during the winter months.

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