Understand How Your Lakeland Parking Lot Paving is Affected By Weather

One of the biggest misconceptions that many first-time Lakeland parking lot paving owners tend to carry around with them is the idea that their parking lots and paving are never going to get damaged. At the very beginning, it’s easy to see why they would think that, after all, a brand new asphalt pavement looks like nothing can ever take it down.

However, there are plenty of factors that can contribute to the damage of your Lakeland parking lot paving, one of which is the weather. Find out more about how the weather affects your paving so that you know the best course of action to take in order to keep it properly maintained and protected against it.

Wet and cold weather

The thing about the cold and wet weather is that on its own, it’s not going to really do much against your pavement. However, if your pavement is already showing early signs of damage, such as cracks and other surface issues, then you should definitely be worried when the colder seasons come in. When it starts raining, the water from the rains can get into the cracks of your paving, and settle in the foundation of your pavement.

It will stay there until the weather turns and it gets cold, which means that it’ll freeze up. It’ll continue to freeze and thaw until the foundation has weakened enough that the surface collapses in on itself. Not only that, but strong, constant rains can strip away the binder of your asphalt pavement, which can cause it to come loose, eventually breaking down.

Hot weather

So if the cold and wet weather is bad for your paving, is the answer warm weather for your Lakeland parking lot paving? Unfortunately, hot weather can also cause its own share of damage to your paving.

The UV rays from the sun can break down the material that holds your asphalt aggregate together, which can lead to it breaking down eventually. The excessive sun can also lead to the erosion of your paving, which can make the surface very brittle, leading to potholes if left unattended.

So if all kinds of weather can mess up your paving, what can you do about it? The best way to make sure that your paving stays in great condition is by making use of regular forms of maintenance and repair on it. Seal coating, crack repair, inspections, small repairs like these can go a long way in helping your paving weather the elements.

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