Turning Your Plant City Parking Lot Paving Into A Garden

Urban areas tend to be lacking in green sections that make the city better and more livable. The spaces that urban dwellers have are not fit for a garden, even a small one. That’s why many of those who live in urban areas turn to the Plant City parking lot paving to hopefully find a bit of respite from the office buildings, high-rise condominiums, and malls that populate the concrete jungle.

While a parking lot is not the greatest idea to turn into a garden, you will find that it fits the bill perfectly. One, the parking lot and garden can co-exist. Two, it can benefit each other. And three, space is limited and expensive.

Giant-sized Pots

You can turn your empty parking lot into a garden by simply putting giant-sized pots around it. Make sure that these giant-sized pots are, of course, housing a myriad of plants, vegetation, and flowers.

You can line them up on the roadside so that the parking lot will be bordered by the pots. You can also use the pots to divide the parking spaces equally. Just make sure to leave enough space for the cars that will be parked there.

Using giant-sized pots won’t take too much of your time. You only need to buy the pots and the plants and place them strategically around the parking lot.

Raised Beds

Raised beds might require a bit more effort from you and the paver or the landscape architect, but it is the most durable of all the options. Raised beds are filled with wood chips on the bottom before they are filled with topsoil.

You then grow the plants in these raised beds. After a while, once the plants have grown, they will look symmetrical lining up the parking lot on the sides.

Maintenance is simple as all you have to do is water the plants and trim the branches when they have grown too much already.


If your Plant City parking lot paving is made of asphalt or concrete, make sure that you can create a clearing in between parking spaces that you can use to grow plants.

The clearing or trenches should be filled with topsoil and should be able to accommodate the plants once they have fully grown. Be careful to grow plants that get too big because their roots might weaken the parking lot’s structure.

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