Top Reasons Why Your Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving Gets Distressed

Alligator cracking, bleeding, block cracking, corrugation and shoving, depression, joint reflection cracking, longitudinal cracking, and patching… these are just some of the pavement distresses that we notice on our Winter Haven parking lot paving. As a business or homeowner, every tiny crack or pothole on the driveway or parking lot is a cause for concern. It means money. It means finding the right pavement contractor. It means a lot of work.

The reason why your pavement gets distressed is based on so many factors—from the environment to the weather to the vehicles passing on it to the maintenance. There is not one reason why a pavement gets cracks or potholes on them. There are multitude of reasons why a pavement gets issues like this and it all begins with the relationship between the owner and the contractor.


Any miscommunication between the pavement owner and the contractor will lead to problems on the pavement eventually. The contractor will be the primary defender of the health of your pavement. It will be tasked not only to complete any repair or construction of the pavement, but also with its maintenance and its regular checkup. A company owner or a homeowner should continue to communicate and build a relationship with the contractor for the maintenance of the pavement or the parking lot.


Is there anything more disastrous for one’s pavement than neglect? As a business owner, you won’t be tasked to check on your pavements every day. As a homeowner, you should be able to notice if there are problems that needed to be addressed. As both, you should be held accountable for failing to raise the concern for the pavement and neglect addressing any minimal problems that arrived. A tiny pothole can lead to a large pothole. A small crack can lead to alligator cracks that could then mean a bigger problem in the future.


The weather is another enemy of a pavement, but most contractors apply solvent on top of the surface of the pavement to protect it from the harsh weather conditions. What actually causes a lot of distress for a Winter Haven parking lot paving is misuse. When a project is completed, the contractor will more than likely discuss with you the do’s and don’t’s of the pavement. If you don’t heed the warning and continue to allow external factors to adversely affect the pavement, then you are in for a tough ride.