Top Parking Lot Paving Woes

Difficulties arising from your Lakeland parking lot paving projects can come in droves. But if you’re well-prepared for it, there should be no cause for concern, and you should be ready to address these problems the moment you see them.

These are pretty normal and regular stuff but once overlooked, can become a major nuisance for the business. These aren’t only things that apply on commercial parking lots. Your home parking area may also be suffering from bad conditions.

Here are some of the problems you may encounter and want to address immediately when constructing, managing, maintaining and running a Lakeland parking lot paving:


All kinds of pavements, whether asphalt or concrete, begin with strong foundations. Without such foundations, there is a huge possibility that these pavements will collapse or deteriorate quickly in front of your eyes.

Before constructing the parking lot pavement, all vegetation and debris should be removed from the site. Any soft or yielding areas should be drained or removed during grading or compaction. A well-prepared subgrade will provide the best platform for road or parking lot pavement.


Proper drainage is one of the biggest problems of every parking lot. Ideally, parking areas should have 2 percent slope, and “bird baths” or localized depressions that can hold water must be avoided.

Any self-respecting paving company would ensure that the pavement would not allow water to stand at the pavement edge. They can install interceptor drains, so that it can carry collected water away from the pavement.

Materials and mix design

The most commonly used today in the United States is the Superpave system. The mix design for parking lots should be made with finer graded mixes, which appear denser on the surface. This is preferred by many owners because it is easier to handle and compact.

But in high-stress locations such as loading docks and dumpster pads, mixes should have a larger top aggregate and a coarser grading. It also uses a stiffer asphalt binder mix.


One of the major woes for building a parking lot is its maintenance. There are basically two aspects of maintaining a parking lot pavement that you should watch out for–the proper operation of the drainage system and addressing any cracks that appear on the surface of the pavement.

Over the years, many cracks will appear on the surface of the parking lot pavement. What you should do is renew the surface and the waterproof the pavement.

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