Top Benefits of Using Asphalt For Haines City Parking Lot Paving

Winter Haven parking lot pavingThere is one question everyone who wants a Haines City parking lot paving needs to answer: Do I use asphalt or concrete? For some, the answer is simple and obvious. Cement (or concrete), of course! What else there could be? Cement has become the choice for many since they believe the material is more durable than asphalt, which is commonly used on roads, highways, driveways, and parking lots.

Why anyone would think that concrete should be your pavement material of choice is baffling. Every research and study done on the sturdiness and durability of pavement materials point to asphalt as the more cost efficient one. Yes, not only is asphalt much cheaper compared to concrete, it is also more durable and may last a longer time.

Less expensive

No, asphalt isn’t cheap. To say so, well, cheapens the material itself. Asphalt is less expensive than concrete in the long run because it is more durable and stable that it can last for years without maintenance (though regular checkups is a must). When you compute the amount it takes to install an asphalt pavement against a concrete pavement plus the period they will remain sturdy, you’ll realize how cost efficient asphalt is.


Asphalt is recyclable, making it the eco-friendliest option for roads, driveways, and parking lots. You can never go wrong with asphalt since it is 100-percent recyclable. If your driveway or parking lot somehow breaks and needs to be replaced, then your asphalt will simply join the recycling process.

You can still sell it for a profit and use the money to rehabilitate your driveway or your parking lot.

Protects itself

Have you hear about porous asphalt pavement? This is the type of pavement with holes on them, so it can hold water better by letting it seep into the layer below. The holes are small enough that water (coming from snow or flood) will simply trickle down into the layer. It won’t come in stream therefore, protecting the layer below.

Low maintenance

Asphalt has very minimal maintenance requirements. As long as no cracks and potholes appear on the surface, you are rest assured that it will endure even the most extreme weather conditions. Asphalt is generally sturdy enough that alligator lines will only appear because of bad installation, and that is why there is a need for a reputable Haines City parking lot paving. As a low-maintenance pavement material, asphalt needs only the occasional check up from a legitimate pavement contractor to know firsthand if there are issues that may crop up.

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