Top Benefits Of Asphalt Pavement

Do you know that about 94 percent of roads in America are made of asphalt? That’s right. Asphalt is the best choice for Plant City parking lot paving as shown by its many benefits and advantages. Whether you’re thinking and focusing on your business or your customers, having an asphalt pavement on your parking lot is the best investment you can do.

If you are still wondering why many businesses choose asphalt over concrete, here is your chance to make that one final decision. Asphalt? Definitely, yes. Here are the reasons why:


Have you ever fallen down on a concrete pavement? If you have, then you know that your skin will easily scratch because concrete can be really, really rough. Asphalt has none of that quality. Instead, it gives a smooth ride to the driver. In fact, it is the smoothest surface for driving, making the contact with the tires safer and more enjoyable.

In particular, open-graded asphalt can minimize splash and spray during rainstorms and thereby, reduce the amount of crashes and fatalities on the highway.

Easy to maintain

Asphalt pavement can be designed as a perpetual pavement, so that it will only require periodic maintenance checkups to remain in good and tip-top shape. This is one of the considerations of most business owners, who have no time to deal with something as “mundane” as a parking lot pavement.


Smoother roads reduce the wear and tear on vehicles because there are fewer bumps on the road. This significantly brings down vehicle operating costs. The smoothness of a road can extend the lifespan by as much as 25 percent. In the end, the taxpayers are the ones benefiting from a well-paved road. If not? Then, it is also the taxpayers’ money that government will have to spend for repair.


Because asphalt produces smoother roads, this means there is less friction between the tires and the road. This ups the fuel economy rating of the vehicle and also reduces carbon dioxide emissions. During the process of installing the asphalt, it can be mixed at lower temperature, which also reduces the energy used to heat asphalt materials for road construction.

Minimize disruption

Unlike concrete, asphalt roads can be applied one at a time, meaning only a lane or two will be closed to traffic. This will reduce the disruption of businesses and even personal errands. Projects that use asphalt pavement for Plant City parking lot paving can be done in just a day, leaving routes open for travelers, residents, stores, and other kinds of businesses.

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