Tips for Sealcoating Your Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving

When people talk about the care and maintenance of your Winter Haven parking lot paving, one of the most highly recommended forms of maintenance will always be seal coating. Seal coating is a simple process where your entire pavement is covered entirely with a layer of sealant.

This provides your pavement with an additional form of protection against some of the most common causes of paving damage, which goes a long way in preserving its condition. To make sure that this is done properly, here are some tips for seal coating your Winter Haven parking lot paving properly.

Don’t rush things

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in regards to seal coating your parking lot pavement is by rushing to get the job done. We get it, you’ve heard about all of these great benefits of having your paving seal coated, and now you’re eager to get those benefits for your own pavement. However, rushing the seal coating can result in an uneven coating, which means that the protection for your paving is compromised.

Give yourself enough time

In line with rushing the job, you might be eager to get the job over and done with. However, like asphalt paving, your asphalt sealant will also need some time to set properly, as well as enough sun to make sure that it dries. It is highly advisable that you have your pavement seal coated during the summer months to have enough sun to dry it, and to allow at least 24 hours after application to make sure that it sets properly.

Clean your paving

Before you have your Winter Haven parking lot paving seal coated, always make sure to clean your paving’s surface before anything else. You don’t want dirt and other debris to be caught under the sealant, as this is both visually unappealing and can compromise the protective qualities of your sealant.

Hire a professional

To make sure that your paving’s seal coating is done properly, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional Winter Haven parking lot paving company to handle your seal coating for you. They will have the right equipment, crew, and skill to make sure that your pavement is properly seal coated, which will help guarantee maximum protection with this. This also allows you to avoid some of the risks involved with the improper application of asphalt sealant on a parking lot pavement.

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