Is It Time to Sealcoat Your Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving?

We have constantly talked about the many benefits of sealcoating for your Winter Haven parking lot paving. From protection against materials that cause deterioration in your paving to providing a clean finish for your paving, there is no end to how much sealcoating your parking lot can help you and your business. However, it’s important to know that sealcoating isn’t a cure-all for your asphalt paving problems.

Sealcoating can only provide a layer of protection for your paving against specific factors that can cause damage to your paving, such as oil and gasoline from vehicles, as well as protect your paving from the UV rays from the sun.

However, sealcoating cannot fix extensive damage such as alligator cracking and potholes, and alternate repair methods have to be looked into to repair these. But if you combine sealcoating with regular paving maintenance, you’re bound to extend the lifespan of your parking lot significantly.

Some asphalt paving owners make the assumption that because sealcoating has so many benefits to offer to their paving, it has to be done as soon as their new paving has been installed. You should not be sealcoating your parking lot directly after installation of new paving. This is because fresh paving needs time to cure because of the asphalt binding used to bind the sand and aggregates that make up the asphalt mixture together.

The oils in the binder need time to cure before laying down sealcoating, otherwise, the oils will mix with the sealer, resulting in a cracking sealer. It’s best to wait at least a minimum of six months before applying the first sealcoating on your parking lot. This is an adequate amount of time for the binder to set, allowing the sealer to properly protect your paving.

If this is not your first time sealcoating your parking lot, you may be wondering if it’s time to sealcoat it again. Regular applications of sealcoating can significantly extend the lifespan of your asphalt paving. There are varying opinions on when you should reseal your paving, ranging from waiting for one year to three years before resealing your paving.

The truth is, it’s a fairly subjective matter of exactly when you should reseal your paving. The general rule of thumb is, if you can see the individual stones of your asphalt mix, the previous layer of sealcoating must have worn off, and it’s time for a fresh coat. It all depends on the amount of wear and traffic your paving typically sees.

If you’re planning on having your Winter Haven parking lot paving sealcoated, always remember to do it during the warmer months, so that the sealcoat has enough time to dry under the heat. It should also be done before winter and the colder months, because that is when a significant amount of damage to your paving is incurred.

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