Things To Remember Before Painting Your Haines City Parking Lot Paving

Calling a Haines City parking lot paving contractor is just the first step in making sure that your pavement will last long and they will adhere to the principles of parking lots and driveways.

Painting the parking lot is a major work because you need to clear the parking lot of the vehicles. You will disrupt your own business operations and your customers would temporarily have to find another space to leave their vehicles and belongings.

This is why it’s important that you do this right the first time. Can you imagine clearing the lot twice because you forgot to paint the handicap signages or you forgot to put on the grit?

Line stripe paint

The first thing you need is paint, of course. There’s an online calculator that’ll tell you how many liters of paint you need for each linear or square feet. You have to calculate each color that you need—white for the lines and blue for the handicap spaces.

You need to choose between water-based and oil-based paints. Check first the regulations and laws where you’re located because in some places, oil-based paints are not allowed.

A roller or line striper

Depending on the size of the parking lot you need to paint, you can use either a roller or a line striper. A line striper makes the job easier and there’s also the right size for every need.

There are cheap striping machines, too, so you don’t really need to invest in expensive equipment. Once you know the right way to apply the paint for you, you’ll know whether to buy pails or cans of paint.


Take stencils into account when you paint the parking lot. Mark the handicap stalls and use numbers or letter stencils for assigning stalls. Don’t forget to put the right markings for Fire Lane, No Parking, and direction arrows.


The painted lines are where cars slip and lose their grip. Humans slip, too. The grit will eliminate these incidences, especially on the diagonal lines of a pedestrian crosswalk. Apply the grit when the paint has completely dried out and apply another layer of paint over the grit. This will ensure maximum adhesion.

Reflection beads

When the paint is still wet, apply high-visibility glass beads. These beads greatly increase the visibility of the markings and they are very reflective. The only downside is after a snowstorm, for example, you may need to re-apply and redo them.

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