Things To Consider When Choosing A Parking Lot Paving Company

Ensuring the success of a project depends on the first step—the bidding process. In a parking lot paving project, choosing the right company will determine its success or its failure, so it’s important for the owner to consider quite a number of factors before awarding a contract.

The parking lot is often the last part of a building complex given attention to, but what we always seem to forget is that it is the first and the last gateway through which customers, employees and visitors pass.

Giving importance to the parking lot paving will reflect the level of customer service your business offers. So, before choosing the company to award your contract to, consider these following:


Make a list of reputable paving companies in your area, and inquire about their services. Check that these companies are known for their high-quality work, and that they are legitimate contractors.

How do you do that? A veritable contractor would have these: phone book listing, insurance certificate, job pictures and locations, warranty and guarantee, and reviews and testimonials.

But that’s not all. Any contractor can produce these documents. What you should also be looking out for are the extras—knowledgeable sales personnel, customer service, communication process, years in the industry, and even post-sales services.

You might also like to check out organizations and industry groups that accredit such paving companies. Having your chosen company listed among other reputable businesses in the country will help in your decision.

Material Selection

Majority of asphalt is recycled, so there are many grades of asphalt (with different levels of recycled materials) you can select from. It all depends on your budget for your parking lot. Having low quality asphalt with a high percentage of recycled material will affect the longevity and the quality of your pavement.

However, if you want your parking lot paved with high-grade asphalt, you must also be willing to shell out more money since asphalt with less recycled material will, of course, cost more than low-grade asphalt.


When you start picking out the company for your parking lot paving, ask if you can view their asphalt paving machine. A well-maintained paving machine is important to the successful completion of your project. Never award a paving company with a rundown machine as this could cause problem in the long run.

Asphalt paving machine can cause as much as $100,000. They are priced this high because of the efficiency of the technology. Do not trust a contractor who’ll tell you he can do the paving better with his hands.

Number of crew

The size of the crew depends on the size of the job. Typically, a contractor should have about five to eight workers for a paving job, though that could easily increase if the contract is massive. Being understaffed will, of course, affect the outcome of the job.

It is also important to check if the crew is covered by the business’ insurance.

When choosing a company to provide service for you, isn’t it always helpful to read reviews? There are a number of websites that provide comprehensive reviews about the services of each paving company. You can learn a lot from these reviews and make sure never to repeat some of the mistakes pointed out there.

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