3 Things To Consider When Budgeting For A New Asphalt Surface

If your Winter Haven parking lot paving is fading, crumbling, and full of potholes, you may be asking yourself if you should go ahead and get it fixed. The answer is always yes. There is no reason for you to put off having your parking lot paving fixed. It is always a must for your parking lots to be well-paved because it is the first thing your clients see upon walking in your property.

Your budget considerations will vary depending on your needs. Do you need a totally new surface for your asphalt pavement? Or do you only need to have it cleaned, checked for problems, and fixed? You may also only need an asphalt maintenance plan. That’s totally up to the assessment and evaluation of your current parking lot pavement.

Long life expectancy

A properly designed, installed, and maintained Winter Haven parking lot paving should last for more than 15 years. Some last for 20 years or more. At first, you may wince at the price of a well-installed parking lot pavement, but the money you will save in not having to worry about it for years will be worth that first up-front cost. When you think about it, you’ll be saving a lot in the future, inflation not considered.

Time is valuable

Looking for a reputable and experienced contractor can cause a big headache. That’s completely understandable because you only want the best for your asphalt pavement.

However, remember that your time is valuable. Don’t waste more of it trying to console yourself with hiring someone you don’t trust. That is a complete waste of time. Research as much as you can about the contractor and don’t waste your time dealing with someone whose knowledge about installing and maintaing the asphalt pavement is very minimal.

Consider other budget tricks

When it comes to money, there are a lot of things to be considered here. Be upfront and realistic with your timelines and budgets. Don’t ask for more than what your money’s worth. Make sure that the schedule is possible (not a walk in the park, but certainly not an impossible task).

It helps if you can communicate your vision about the project–what you want it to look like? What message should it convey to your clients? How it can help your business? How much is your actual budget? Are you flexible with it? Any good contractor will dissect all of these and plan the project accordingly.

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